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5 Days TTT Program

For All Soft skill Trainer

                                          ATHENA - Train the Trainer Program includes:

1. Basics of Adult Learning & On-going Research Worldwide

2. Andragogy – the process to develop new skills and competencies to achieve KRAs & KPIs on the Balance Score Card

3. Major Platform Skills for a Trainer to Inspire & Create a Learning Environment for the participants to become Self Directed Learners

4. All about Instructional System Design – to TRANSFER LEARNING, RETAIN LEARNING & RE-CALL LEARNING when needed in REAL LIFE Business Situation

5. Facilitation Skills - 9 Steps to take a Session & create a Learning Environment

6. How to set Training Objectives as a measurable GUARANTEED outcome

7. Evaluation & Assessment built in a training session - to show the FINAL RESULTS

8. Different Role of a Trainer in an Organization – to make participants ULTRA PRODUCTIVE

9. Coaching Skills for Trainers - Video-based program – Fine-tuning Workplace Attitude

10. Sources & resources for Overall Trainers Development - the Complete Comprehensive COMPETENCY FRAMEWORK for TRAINERS

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