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Automobile Dealer Development

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Automobile Dealer Development

Automobile Training

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Automobile L0 to L5 Technology shift

Automobile Dealer Development

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The shift in the automobile industry toward disruptive technologies like autonomous vehicles indeed requires a fundamental change in how dealerships operate. Here's a potential outline for a workshop focusing on the transformation in the automotive sector:

  1. Visioning Workshop for Dealership Owners & Leadership:

    • Understanding the impact of disruptive technologies on the future of automotive sales and service.

    • Envisioning the role of autonomous vehicles in the market and its effects on dealership operations.

  2. Implementation of Balance Scorecard:

    • Adapting the Balance Scorecard framework to measure dealership performance and results in the context of changing technology.

    • Identifying lead indicators relevant to technology adoption, customer service, sales, and service quality.

  3. Managing Performance & Business Results:

    • Adapting performance metrics to account for technological advancements and evolving customer needs.

    • Implementing strategies to manage performance in an environment transitioning to Level 5 autonomous vehicles.

  4. Understanding Disruptive Technologies:

    • Exploring the implications of LIDAR and other advanced technologies on dealership operations.

    • Identifying skill gaps and training needs, transitioning from traditional service mechanics to software engineers for servicing autonomous cars.

  5. Future-Proofing the Dealership:

    • Strategizing dealership models to accommodate service-on-the-go for autonomous vehicles.

    • Planning for the integration of software engineering expertise and technical knowledge within dealership service teams.

The workshop aims to help dealership owners and leadership anticipate the future landscape of the automotive industry, reevaluate business models, and prepare the dealership workforce for the advent of Level 5 autonomous vehicles and associated technological shifts.





Automobile Training


This paradigm shift in automobile training is comprehensive, aiming to address various aspects of the evolving automotive industry. Here's a breakdown of the key elements in this training approach:

  1. Vision Exercise & Balance Scorecard Implementation:

    • Engaging dealer owners and leadership in envisioning the future of automotive training.

    • Implementing the Balanced Scorecard approach to measure and enhance productivity across sales, service, and spare parts departments.

  2. Auto-Induction Training - Transitioning from L0 to L5:

    • Preparing for the future of automotive technology, focusing on the transition from Level 0 (L0) to Level 5 (L5) vehicles.

  3. Controlling Dealership Business Eco-System Training:

    • Training on the 3S & 4S Model (Sales, Service, Spare Parts) to optimize dealership operations.

  4. Leadership Development Program:

    • Coaching and mentoring programs to develop leadership skills aligned with driving future business results.

  5. Centre of Excellence (CoE) Processes Program:

    • Implementing processes and practices to create centers of excellence within dealerships.

  6. Customer Experience Strategies:

    • Developing unique strategies to create exceptional customer experiences, enhancing dealership reputation and loyalty.

  7. 365 Days Contest-based Dealer Sales Team Training:

    • Introducing a unique concept for ongoing and engaging sales team training, fostering a competitive yet collaborative environment.

  8. Institutional (B2B) Sales Team Training:

    • Training programs tailored for institutional sales teams, addressing specific business-to-business requirements.

  9. Dealer Customer Service & Parts Counter Sales Training:

    • Focusing on delivering exceptional customer service experiences and improving parts counter sales engagement.

  10. Team Training on 4S Model - ONE TEAM Concept:

    • Aligning all dealership teams with the 4S Model (Sales, Service, Spare Parts, and System), fostering a unified team approach.

This comprehensive training strategy encompasses technological advancements, leadership development, customer-centric approaches, and team alignment, aiming to future-proof dealership operations and enhance overall performance in the evolving automotive industry.













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Program for Dealer Owners

Automobile Dealer Development to create UNIQUE Customer Experience
Course Duration
Instructor Name
Short Course Description
3 Days
All Staff
To Create a ONE Team - 4S Model
Service Excellence
2 days
Service Advisors & Service Supervisors
To Create Excellent Service Process to delight the Customers
B2B Sales Training
3 Days
Institutional Sales Team
5 Stages of B2B Sales Process & Sales Bhaviours
Sales Contest Training
1 Day
Sales Team & Supervisors
A 365 Days Sales Contest Training
Vision Exercise
3 Days
Dealer Owner / VP / GM Sales & Service
Vision to Profit
Dealership Eco-System Management
3 Days
VP / GM / DGM / Head of Sales
Dealership Eco - System Management
Future of Auto - L0 to L5 Stage
1 Day
Dealer Owner / VP / GM / DGM / Head of Sales
Technology Transition From L0 to L5
3 Days
Owner & All Staff
"Must Do", "Should Do" and "Could Do" of Balance Score Card
Automobile CoE
2 Days
All Staff
Centre of Excellence ​
2 Days
All Staff

Dealer Development Programs

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