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How to grow in Your New Job

Based on our Professional Training Content we will help You to develop cutting-edge COMPETENCIES to deliver Outstanding RESULTS.

This journey will allow you to create "Who You Are, as a Personal BRAND" 

Business Conversation

Grow-Up - A Professional Career Path Program

Grow-Up is a Program aimed at helping YOU to understand - which CAREER is

BEST suited 


This program appears to be a comprehensive career development initiative covering various aspects essential for professional growth. Here's a breakdown of the key components:

  1. Understanding Self:

    • Transactional analysis of self, critical and assertive communication, and managing time effectively.

    • Quality of task output and managing risks and costs associated with tasks or projects.

  2. Understanding Competency Matrix:

    • Identifying competencies, evaluating current competency levels, and focusing on competency improvement.

    • Adapting to new business behaviors and assessing their effectiveness.

  3. Various Functions in a Business:

    • Detailed exploration of departments based on industry specifics, internal business processes, and IT systems used for process control.

    • Customer-centric concepts and creating exceptional customer experiences both internally and externally.

  4. Technical Competencies:

    • Understanding technical competencies needed in your field, associated job behaviors, intra- and inter-departmental processes.

    • Emphasis on automation, process compliance, facing technical audits, and maintaining standards.

  5. Behavioral Competencies:

    • Exploring fundamental behavioral competencies, their application within and across departments, accepting feedback, and improving behaviors.

    • Focusing on developing behavioral excellence for effective interaction within the organization.

  6. Next Level Competencies for Promotion:

    • Understanding HR assessment tools like the 9 Box Assessment and evaluating your current placement.

    • Identifying the competencies required for migration, associated behaviors, and improving performance levels.

    • Emphasizing learning agility and implementing new learning for performance enhancement.

This program seems to cover a wide spectrum of professional development areas, aiming to equip individuals with the necessary skills, behaviors, and competencies to progress in their careers and aim for promotions.

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Grow-Up : Success & Promotion

Program Details

  • Fundamentals of A Professional ROLE

    • Understanding SELF​

    • Transactional Analysis of SELF

    • Critical & Assertive Communication

    • Mastery of PROCESS

    • Managing TIME - Active & Passive TASK Management

    • QUALITY of TASK out-put

    • Managing RISK in the TASK / PROJECT

    • Control on COST

    • Job Behavior according to CORE VALUES & Code of Conduct

  • Understanding Competency Matrix

    • What are COMPETENCIES​

    • LEVELS of Competencies

    • Current standing on the Competency Scale

    • Focus on COMPETENCIES to improve

    • Developing and Adapting to New Business Behaviors

    • Applying New Business Behaviors

    • Assessing"What is WORKING & what is NOT WORKING"

  • Various Functions in a Business

    • All Departments depending on the Industry and its Scale of Business​

    • Details of All Function

    • Actual Internal Business PROCESS

    • IT Systems and Applications to control the business Process

    • Customer Centric Concept

    • Creating Customer Experience (Internal External Both)

  • Technical Competencies in Your Functional Area

    • Functional Competencies required​

    • Associated Job Behaviors

    • Technical INTRA-Departmental Process

    • Technical INTER-Departmental Process

    • Automation in the Process

    • Process COMPLIANCE


  • Behavioral Competencies to Gel Well in the Organisation

    • Basic Behavioural Competencies​

    • INTRA-Departmental Behaviors

    • INTER-Departmental Behaviors

    • Accepting FEEDBACKS

    • Focus on BEHAVIORS to improve

    • Developing Behavioral Excellence

  • Next Level Competencies Required for A PROMOTION

    • How the 9 Box Assessment Tool of HR Works​

    • Where You Are Placed NOW in which BOX

    • Which BOX do you want to MIGRATE

    • What Skillsets are required to MIGRATE

    • What are the NEW COMPETENCIES that you need to focus

    • What are their associated Behaviors

    • What is Your PRESENT PERFORMANCE Level


    • What is Your "LEARNING AGILITY" - (Speed of Learning)

    • How to You Seriously Implement the New Learning to CHANGE  Performance Scorecard

Rs 27500 /- Per Person

(Less than the Price of Your Cell Phone to Get You A Promotion & High Income)

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