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Train the Trainer

A SERIOUS Training Career - Impacting Balance Sheet

If You are looking to develop Your-Self as a TRUE SERIOUS Trainer and not a FUN-LOVING Trainer - then You have landed on the RIGHT PAGE

No Business Owner / Chairman wants people to have more FUN in Training with their hard-earned borrowed money with a high-interest rate.

Instead, they want their participants to develop New Business Skills to earn more PROFIT and pay back their loans.

Unfortunately, in the market - in the name of TRAINING - more Fun-Loving sessions are conducted under the banner of the " FUN LEARNING " Concept. More emphasis is given to conducting GAMES rather than on Management Concepts & Real-life CHANGE in Business Behaviors both Technical & Soft skill-wise

Business Meeting

We put 3 Major EMPHASIS
as a Trainer's Objectives
in conducting a Session

1. Transfer of Learning

Transfer of Learning is a difficult stage in Training - as the Trainer need to know "How to Create a Learning Environment" where Brain Neurons are activity focused to LEARN something NEW - which the Brain wants to know - there is a Chemical Exchange in the Brain - the Neurotransmitters - Acetylcholine & Cholinesterase.

Acetylcholine also acts at various sites within the CNS, where it can function as a neurotransmitter and as a neuromodulator - It plays a role in motivation, arousal, attention, learning, and memory, and is also involved in promoting REM sleep.

Cholinesterase is a family of enzymes that catalyzes the hydrolysis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (ACh) into choline and acetic acid, a reaction necessary to allow a cholinergic neuron to return to its resting state after activation.

2. Retention of Learning

Retention of any piece of NEW INFORMATION - whether Cognitive or Motor skills stored in the HIPPOCAMPUS - the Hard Disk of the Brain.
To take LEARNING to the HIPPOCAMPUS - needs a definite process of Transfer of Learning followed by various Testing Methods to Check the RETENTION

Hippocampus, a region of the brain that is associated primarily with memory.

The hippocampus is thought to be principally involved in storing long-term memories and in making those memories resistant to forgetting, though this is a matter of debate - as any accident can damage it.

3. Re-call of Learning

during Actual Business Scenario

Based on the Business Scenario - the HIPPOCAMPUS retrieves, the Near Transfer or Far Transfer Learning whichever closely matches to the Business Situation at that - This Stage determines the SUCCESS of the TRAINING INTERVENTION

The prefrontal cortex and hippocampus are crucial for
memory-guided decision-making.

​These results establish cooperative interaction between hippocampal and prefrontal sequences at multiple timescales for memory-guided decision-making - what to RE - CALL & When to RE-CALL

   Out Source Training

Why Outsource Training

1. Reduce the burden of an Overall Department which needs extreme INVESTMENT to create a BUSINESS RELEVANT Program

2. It is NOT POSSIBLE for a few Contents Development guys to understand All Business Problems to create a Program

3. Various Business Reports, Industry Research Reports are needed to Create Truly Relevant Content that will benefit "Learners" to CHANGE their BEHAVIOURS towards a particular Business Problem

4. Many New Generation Software is needed to create a Program which will be INTERACTIVE in nature

​5. Junior to Senior Level Trainers needed to propagate "Business Learning" with enough exposure to various Business case Studies

Customized ​Best Practices

We have worked with various INDUSTRIES in various Countries & COLLECTED the BEST PRACTICES 

​Our Trainers have on average 20+ Years of Training Experience

Customized ​Business Tools

Our Super Specialty is developing CUSTOMISED BUSINESS TOOLS to integrate with Our Program.

And we train "LEARNER" to Learn, Use & Implement the TOOLS in the business and see the DIFFERENCE in Business RESULTS

Customized ​Premium Content

We listen to the Business Problem and then Create the Best Practices and associated Best Behaviors Plus we INTEGRATE Customized Business Tools into the Program.

For Every BUSINESS PROBLEM - "Training" is Not the ANSWER




Training Process Out-Sourcing for Corporates

​Save a Huge Budget and build a Strong Bottom-line - by Out-Sourcing the Entire Training

If you are a Large Organization - having more than 1000+ Staff - it is a costly affair to cover the entire employee base and their INDUCTION TRAINING to SKILL TRAINING to MDP and other OD interventions with in-house Trainers.

We join you to deliver training from

1. Classroom Training to

2. E-Learning & Online Training

3. M-Learning Assessment to

4. H-Learning Refresher Training to

5. CBT to even

6. Distance Learning where Computer & Net is not available

If you are a Middle Level or Small Organization - then you can choose any Module and method of Training from Classroom to E-Learning to Canned & Customized Training Module


For Class-Room Training

The majority of Corporate prefer a Classroom Training interface - we help in ...


Setting up the Entire Training Department - Classroom, Manpower, Equipment, IT, Admin & MIS​​​​

  • Setting up Different Channels of Training Distribution

  • Recruitment of Professional Trainers

  • Train the Trainers on Instructional System Design

  • Mapping Training Needs

  • Developing Training Content

  • Developing Motivational Videos

  • Setting up Training Logistics

  • Setting up IT Support for Training MIS & Admin

For e-Learning

For a particular population of employees who are always travelling or are engaged with daily routine Operations work e-Learning 24 x 7 is the best method to deliver a Training Program and develop the workforce step by step towards the BUSINESS OBJECTIVE

With our range of expertise, we help you in ...

  • Setting the Framework for e-Learning

  • Understanding the Traffic Movement

  • Designing the IT Framework

  • Deciding the Software to support the system

  • Training the Content Developers on the e-Learning platform

  • Training the Content Developers on Instructional System Design Methods

  • Training the Content Developers Interactive Learning Methods

  • Developing Dynamic Capture of MIS

For CBT Learning

CBT Learning is for those people who normally reside at remote distances or branch offices or dealers' offices - normally people who do not have an INTERNET ACCESS or have a POOR INTERNET CONNECTION

  • Setting the 365 days Learning platform based on CBT

  • Each CBT Program is Mapped with their current progress

  • CBTs are interactive in nature

  • Call centre support is a better approach

  • Designing the CDs and the jewel box

  • Setting up distribution Logistics

  • Dynamic mapping of Progress MIS

H-Learning - Training on the MOVE

H-Learning or Headphone Learning is LEARNING ON the MOVE and it's becoming more popular - as the NEW GENERATION CULTURE is moving with a HEADPHONE and LISTENING to MUSIC from the MOBILE.

To CAPTURE this TREND - .mp3 PRE-RECORDED TRAINING MODULES are becoming more popular

Send us your request for the module and we will prepare it for you - and you give it to your participants, and they can hear them over and again for recapitulation of the subject matter and this method becomes more of a REFRESHER TRAINING for the subject of your choice,

M-Learning - for Assessment & Evaluation

M-Learning or Mobile Learning is different from H-Learning.

Here you get an application ICON on your mobile - this method is extremely popular for doing ASSESSMENT TESTS.

The participants can get the ICON - just through a BLUETOOTH MEDIA and can Click the ICON - take an ASSESSMENT TEST along with a MODULE - at the end of the SESSION - the TEST SCORE will automatically be mailed to selected e-mail ids who need to map the PROGRESS of the CANDIDATE

For Distance Learning

The Distance Learning Workbook is for those participants who stay at remote places and do not have INTERNET ACCESS or are not TECH SAVVY.

  • We help in designing the Distance Learning Curriculum

  • We design & conceptualize the Training Programs accordingly

  • We have created a back-end support system for Distribution & Logistics

  • We compile the MIS

  • We map the progress of individual participants

Attend Our World Class WORKSHOP 


Training & Development Professional Course

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