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Mystery Shopping

We undertake MYSTERY SHOPPING to give you a CLEAR picture to make an INFORMED DECISION MAKING - What to CHANGE ???


To get a REALITY Check - what actually is happening, where the rubber meets the road. The STRATEGY followed by the OPERATIONS PROCESS and actually what is happening at the CUSTOMER END, the VENDORS END, and the EMPLOYEES END, gives a clear picture



  1. Is it to Re-Design STRATEGY?

  2. Is it to Re-Design the PROCESS?

  3. Is it to build the COMPETENCY of the Operating Team to ACHIEVE the DESIRED BUSINESS RESULTS?

  4. Is it to Re-design the Organisation Structure?

  5. Is it to Evaluate New Opportunities?

  6. Is it to Re-vamp the Leadership team?

  7. Is it to re-look at Marketing & Advertisement?

  8. Is it to re-look at Product Mix?

  9. Is it to re-look on Pricing?

  10. Is it time to switch business?

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