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They have a Purpose - A Mission
They have a Vision.
They have a Passion.
They have a Design.
They create Excellent Business Processes for the Execution
They Change Business RESULTS

​They are Great Management Practitioners


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Basic Leadership Competencies

Leadership Competencies.png

Self  Drive

The preparation for a Leadership Role starts with understanding - what parameters HE / SHE will keep in mind - it starts from Self Discipline, to set examples, practising Core Values, Developing People, Initiating & Implementing CHANGE & INNOVATION, Process Improvement & Automation, Monitoring Performance to Drive RESULTS by Creating Unique CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE - both Internal & External

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VISION – Exercise Workshop – Vision / Thinking / Strategy / Operation / Business Results

This is the MOST POWERFUL Workshop for the Leadership Team to integrate and bind the entire Organisation - No one works in SILOS after this Workshop

It creates Tremendous ENERGY in the Organisation to increase its SPEED & Efficiency



Let's CHANGE the word CHANGE to "NEW". Any "NEW" thing EXCITES us. But do CHANGE in Organisation at all is exciting or threatning.

A Leader's decision should be based on , what need to be changed to impact the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE and not His/Her Personal convinience. TECHNOLOGY & PROCESS AUTOMATION are tools to DRIVE CHANGE


Managing SELF – A Perfect Character

A Self Discipline ADULT abiding by All the CORE VALUES and is OPEN MINDED, have PATIENCE , display a MATURE DECISION Maker who can bind an entire Team to make them perform and set examples for the Best Management Practices


Managing Process & Performance & Automation

Input - Process - Output is an ECONOMIC Concepts - but problem specially in private organisation is - every LEADER come with their baggage & there is NO STANDARDISE PROCESS which is brainstormed and freezed with PROCSS NOTE - so that you can easily earn an ISO Certification. A STANDARDISE PROCESS will always give a standard OUTPUT


Managing TEAM – Recruitment to Performance

A TEAM consists of members from diverse background - a Leaders job is to integrate them & to make them PERFORM to deliver the desire results by resolving CONFLICTS and ENERGISE them to COLLABORATE as ONE TEAM


Managing CULTURE - Organisation Value Building

Attrition in an Organisation is not because of money but because of LACK of CULTURE.

The Leadership Teamis more focussed on Business Numbers & the CULTURE of the Organisation is overlooked - resulting in LOW MOTIVATION, HIGHER COST of OPERATION.


Thoughts & Wisdom

The Thought of a Leader has to be very clear in every aspect - Wisdom is a state where a Leader is clear about "What Works in a particular Situation"& He/She is clear about the outcome of His/Her thought

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One MISTAKE and CUSTOMER will move away from the Brand. Gaining CUSTOMER LOYALTY is that DIFFICULT. Your Product might be Great!, Your Process might be Great! but the Person meeting the Customer on Reatil / Chat / Phone - make slip of tongue - will desroy the LOYALTY. The NPS Score Card is a Great! Tool to capture the MOOD of CUSTOMER towards the Organisation

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Business & Economics & its INDICATORS

Business need to calibrate itself to the Macroeconomic TEMPLES Factors and Business Leaders need to constantly recalibrate organisation structure and organisation morphology can only handle these macro-economic CHANGES. An economic indicator is a piece of economic data, usually of macroeconomic scale, that is used by analysts to interpret current or future business possibilities. These indicators also help to judge the overall health of an economy. 


Thinking Skills 

SYSTEM THINKING Concept is a Noble Prize Winning thought process When a Leadership Team starts doing an excercise based on Whole Organisation Approach by DESIGNING - People Competencies, Product Innovation,Process Automation, Organisation Culture, Cost Control, Resource Optimisation, Customer Orientation, Stakeholders Happiness Index - it moves towards build a MATURE ORGANISATION

learning org.jpg

Building a LEARNED Organisation

A learning organization based on Peter M. Senge “The fifth discipline” to understand how a learning organization differs from traditional organizations.

Future learning processes within networks will have a stronger role, since it allows a better understanding between intraorganizational and interorganizational learning processes.Continuous improvement programs are sprouting up all over as organizations strive to better themselves and gain an edge.


Respect TIME

TIME , the OBJECTIVE & the MOTIVE are Crucial Component for a Leader to understand how to utilise PRIME BUSINESS TIME.A Leader in a single moment has to perform MULTIPLE Active & Passive Tasks to keep the Organisation, its individual Departments ahead of competeition.

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Strategic Planning – Binding Macro & Micro Economic Factors based on TEMPLES Model

What are the Factors in Macro Environment that is CHANGING. What are the ELEMENTS we need to develop internally to handle the Macro Factors to keep the Business Model Align for Future Growth. A Real Homework is needed to understand the entire process.Organisations take ADHOC REACTIONS - and that lead to CHAOS & becomes a permanent CULTURE of the Organisation & comple employees to re-think about their career - hampering Growth

Leadership Concepts

The Leadership Concepts are compiled by eminent researchers to give perspective about this Role - Leadership is an Engine which drags the entire train & connected coaches

Adaptive Leadership.jpg

Adaptive Leadership 2.0

Adaptive Leadership 2.0 is a model that focuses on leader behaviors and the adaptive work required to lead followers in navigating and solving situational challenges that are both technical and adaptive or purely adaptive in nature. The model of adaptive leadership says a leader is someone who mobilizes people to take on tough challenges, like inclusiveness. Adaptive challenges are challenges where solutions aren’t readily apparent. Adaptive leadership makes a distinction between leadership and authority

Leadership 2.0 delivers a step-by-step program for increasing 22 core and adaptive leadership skills. 

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Measuring Talent Performance & Productivity – Implementation of BALANCE SCORE CARD – 4 TH Generation Tool with GAMIFICATION

Having competent TALENTS in a TEAM, then Train The TALENT on standardise process with full compliance to deliver what the Customer needs - really requires a TOUGH TOOL like a BALANCE SCORE CARD & the Leadership Team to MASTER it. This tool with GAMIFICATION Feature can be FULLY CUSTOMISED to intergrate the entire performance of the Organisation from Top to Bottom.

Level 5 Leadership.png

Level 5 Leadership Model

Level 5 leaders display a powerful mixture of personal humility and indomitable will. They're incredibly ambitious, but their ambition is first and foremost for the cause, for the organization and its purpose, not themselves. While Level 5 leaders can come in many personality packages, they are often self-effacing, quiet, reserved, and even shy. Every good-to-great transition in our research began with a Level 5 leader who motivated the enterprise more with inspired standards than inspiring personality.


Leading INNOVATION – People & Tech Architecture

INNOVATION is a SURVIVAL TOOL to sustain in Business and Grow. Every INNOVATION is a step towards CHANGE. Most of the time INNOVATION is associated with Technology - so for a LEADER, they need to be Digitally Literate and should be OPEN to EMBRACE New Technologies to make the CHANGE INITIATIATIVES more easy to transition for creating a better PRODUCTS / SERVICES / PROCESS to enhance CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE and Stakeholders Happiness Index

maxwell leadership.webp

Maxwell Leadership Model

As a business executive:

You are a leader.

But where are you on your leadership journey, and where do you go from here?

The 5 Levels of Leadership is Developing the Leader Within You,

The 5P Model helps you to bring out Your TRUE POTENTIAL as a Leader You wanted to be.

Its an easy model to understand and remember the Prime Duties of a True Leader who can DRIVE Serious CHANGE in the Business - its REWARDING, FULLFILING * a SATISFYING Job Behaviour of a Leader that an Organisation always is excepting.

situational leadership.jpg

Situational Leadership – R1 to R4 Developement

How to develop TEAM Members on a TASK  - step by step - so that at one point they can deliver that TASK with Full Quality within a particular TIMELINE - and how the LEADER will actually make it happen. For each Crirical Task the Team Member need to be pushed from Readiness Level 1 to Readiness Level 4 - the LEADER needsto understand eachstep how to do it - so that HE / SHE can rely on the TEAM to ACHIEVE the TEAM & INDIVIDUAL TARGET

People & DATA Management

Today's Business runs on DATA & DATA Science - it is not only the Leader but the entire Team needs to understand that Authentic Data is required to take an Authentic Decision for the Business - Any MANIPULATION will LEAD the Business to a WRONG DIRECTION - The Maturity of the Entire Organisation matters for its SUSTAINABILITY

Image by Felipe Furtado

Office Politics / Problem Solving & Conlict Resolution

A GOOD TALENT is killed by OFFICE POLITICS. So a LEADER is responsible to reduce office politics that in turn affect the Business as well as ATTRITION in the organisation. HE / SHE should encourage people to COLLABORATE to solve various problems with proven problem solving tools


Managing Effective Meeting – delivering Results

A LEADER holding a meeting - the AGENDA has a base which is PURE DATA and not manipulated data. So DATA purification is the home work for a leader before he drives a meeting.Then comes his LEADERSHIP COMMUNICATION about the PURPOSE, OBJECTIVE, ACTIONS & RESULTS and finally IMPACT on Shareholders, Employees, Vendors & Consultants and Customers. He needs to be very CAREFUL about the IMPACT after the meeeting.


Coaching & Mentoring – Development-Retention - R&R

Coaching & Mentoring are two sides of the same coin and a LEADER should be competent enough to exhibit both the ROLES clearly and distinctly along withe Reward & Recognition Framework - which creates a cohesive bond between the LEADER - the TEAM & the ORGANISATION


Energy – Energize & Handling Stress

ENERGY matters - it's like the HORSEPOWER of an ENGINE which drives the entire vehicle.The LEADERS personal life should not influence his PROFESSIONAL Behaviour. One HE / SHE is clear about this status - they will actually influence and energise the whole Team to deliver their BEST - as the Team feels SECURE and gives PERMISSION to the Leader to LEAD with His/Her CORE VALUES and growth oriented direction towards the future.


Emotional Intelligence - Collaborative Environment

All the 5 Elments of Emotional Intelligence along withe Interlligence Quotient gives rise to a more HUMANLY ENVIRONMENT in an organisation - where everyone feel safe and secure and are ready to contribute their bbest for Organisational Growth and Good will


Decision Making based on DATA Science – DIPP Method

Drink Authentic DATA Everyday.

Validate each DATA before you absorb them. In today's Business an Authentic set of DATA actually 

  • Describe the present condition of the Business

  • Deep Stick Analysis will reveals "Why" the DATA looks like this - the CANCER Cells are revealed

  • If the same status continues - then what happens

  • What shouls be CHANGED at People front, Technology Front, Infrastructure front & handling & raising of Funds

Digital Future

Digitisation & DATA is now an integral part of any Business - DIGITAL LITERACY is the need of the hour for any organisation to be competitive in the market. The Leaders should take proactive measures to make the entire team Digitally Literate by deciding the Best Integrated Technology Platform for Communication as well as for their Plants & Machinery

problem solving.jpg

Solving Customer Problem with Technology Solution

The image of a Company is How Fast they SOLVE CUSTOMERS PROBLEM and what kind of TECHNOLOGY interface is implemented to SPEED UP the Procees of Solving - to Create a Great! CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. The process need to be well designed

disruptive leadership.jpg

Leadership & Disruptive Technology

Disruptive Technology do CURVE JUMPING and completely CHANGE the game in that industry - LEADERS need to be versatile to implement disruption


Work Life Balance – Happy Employee = Happy Customer = Happy Shareholder

The LEADER need to understand that employees should have complete security, the Workplace has to intensly meaniful and engaging to LEARN New Things and that sense of achievement and its flavour the employee should carry back home to cheris a Great Personal Life

servant leadership.jpeg

Servant Leadership in Digital Era

How in the Digital World - You become a Servant Leader to support your team & Customers. The Core Values and Core Competencies required are very different - its different TEMPERAMENT

irrational leadership.jpg

Irrational Leadership

How Irrational Leaders use their irrational decision and create a new set of DATA which does not exist and move faster than its competitors to capture market share. What techniques they use to execute their decisions.

vuca leadership.jpg

Leadership in the Digital VUCA World

We live in an uncertain volatile period - driving a business in this situation- needs completely different competencies & mind set , New Set of Management Tools

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