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Sales Training - A Sustainable Strategy





Sustaining a Business Model depends on the sharpness of the execution of the SALES TEAM. Continuous efforts are not attempted by Corporate to sharpen the Selling Skills of the Sales Team whether it is a B2B Model or a B2C Model.




In both cases, the Buyer's Behavior & pattern of Buying Process is also different. When we train Sales Team, we find they are trying their own method and there is no standardization of the Sales Process as well as an understanding of the various stages the buyer is moving and aligning their selling behaviour to help the Customer to take a decision.




The BIGGEST PROBLEM comes when PRICE as an OBJECTION HANDLING starts - the Salespeople has no clue to answer them properly with a sequence of the question - they just quote the price without stating any VALUE ADDITION (S-P-F-U-R Method) - they use age-old FAB ing.



Today's Customers are well-informed people, and they do their homework before they proceed to BUY something - they check the Online & Offline PRICE, REVIEW, AVAILABILITY, SOURCES, and COLOR options if any, before they appear in front of a Sales Man.

Unfortunately, the salesman treats THEM as a novice & tries to PUSH rather than understanding the STAGES of the BUYING PROCESS the Buyer is moving through.




The ability to attempt to CLOSE the Deal of the Salespeople is still on the lower side - as they don't know various CLASSIC CLOSING TECHNIQUES & their APPLICATION at various stages of the PURCHASE PROCESS.





We are the ONLY SOURCE who can CLAIM that we Train Salespeople BOTH in SALES PROCESS vs BUYING PROCESS along with BLIND SPOT areas - which no other training provider will train.




At the same time, we COACH (One on one) the Head of Sales & Seniors

- How to handle a Sales Force in this DIGITAL VUCA Age - old methods are gone


- Manpower Selection through CBI Skills with Positive & Negative Behaviors Traits
- ICE-berg Model to identify Motives of the Sales Force & what triggers their

- Building SalesForce Competencies from R1 to R4 Stage
- Mastering the implementation & use of the Balance Score Card (4th Generation     

  Tool  (4.0) to TRACK & MONITOR Sales Performance
​- Basic DIGITAL Literacy to control Millennials

The Weakness

No Standardization of Sales Process

Lack of Price Objection Handling Skills

Customers are Well Informed

Lack of Classic CLOSING Skills

We Train on Sales Process & Buying Process Both
The                            Approach

One-on-One Sales Management Coaching

Black Box

COMMANDO Series of Sales Training Program

We start the Sales Training Program - from extremely basic to a very advance stage of Sales training.

The programs create COMMANDO like Sales Force - who in turn achieve COMMENDABLE results in the business

1. Sales Process Training

2. Business Planning & Customer Segmentation Training Program

3. Customer Database Management Training Program

4. Tele calling Skills along with Tele-script Training Program

5. Consultative Selling Skills Training Program

6. Business Presentation Skills Training Program

7. Negotiation Skills Training Program

8. Sales Closing & Sales Objection handling Training Program

9. Selling Skills & NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program)

10. Selling Skills at ALPHA Level - Sales Pssychorientology - Meditative Sales Process

ver 9_edited.jpg

10 Steps of Sales Process Training

10 Step Sales Process.gif

Target Market

Target Market.jpg

Customer Database Management Training Program


Tele calling Skills along with Tele-script Training Program

Sales Funnel.jpg

Consultative Selling Process

Need want demand.jpg

Biz Presentation Model

Sales Presentation.png

BATNA Negotiation Skill


SEAL - A - DEAL Model


Neurons Respond with Linguistics


Selling @ ALPHA Level Model


Attend Our World Class WORKSHOP on Advance Sales Topics

for detail of the Workshop - Call / WhatsApp

@ 98730-88988


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