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HealthCare Industry

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The healthcare industry is a part and parcel of human civilization. Every individual in their life at one time needs healthcare support. It is like - when we move from Fitness to Illness - then we require the Healthcare services to be back on track with Fitness.

The Healthcare industry comprises HOSPITALS & NURSING HOMES & DIAGNOSTIC CENTERS - where people to be trained are the Medical, Non-medical, and Para-medical Staff on CUSTOMER SERVICES & COMMUNICATION.

The other end of the healthcare industry is the Pharma - supplying all kinds of Drugs necessary for a speedy recovery of the Patient.

And to aid this entire process is the industry of Medical Devices - starting from Diagnostic equipment to Surgical equipment to Measuring Instruments.

Health consultation

Compare Your INVESTMENT:

Study shows a Hospital / Nursing home is ransacked by violent mobs of the Patient Party and their associates, not because of any Technology failure - BUT because of the FALIURE & MIS-CONDUCT of HOSPITAL Staff.

Except few, most Hospitals / Nursing Homes try to get Manpower at LOWEST COST (Less Competent) - as HR do not have a ROBUST COMPETENCY FRAMEWORK to SELECT manpower - for both Medical & Non-medical Staff.

HR is still using the Old Job Description method to select people with a NO ASSESSMENT TOOL


On the other hand, Hospitals / Nursing Homes invest heavily in Medical equipment as well as in CRM / ERP supplied & suggested by Top Tech Giants.

The Management doesn't understand that with the Low Level of I.Q. & E.Q. staff - you are handing over costly equipment to them - and because their Technical Competencies & Behavioral Competencies, as well as Managerial Competencies, are LOW - You will continue to spend RECRUURING EXPENSES for their MISTAKES leading to a VIOLENT SITUATION of a mob attack because of HUMAN MISTAKE and NOT TECH Errors 

A renowned Hospital in Kolkata lost Rs 2 Crore, just because the Front Desk behaved RUDELY with Patient Parties.

They could have spent Rs 2 Lac to TRAIN the Front Desk to avoid a Rs 2 Crore LOSS.

THINK - INTELLIGENTLY - to AVOID these Management Decision-making MISTAKES - to save Your Hospital / Nursing Home along with Your BRAND IMAGE.

Training Programs for HOSPITALS / Nursing Homes












Talent Competency Development in Hospitals / Nursing Homes

People are in distress when they are in a hospital.

Hospitals need to handle two Categories of Clients.



Both these categories need to be addressed, based on their mental status at that point in time.

Any distorted behaviour coupled with argument can heat up the entire situation to such an extent that it can cause severe damage to Hospital property.

We recommend a plethora of Behavioral Programs for Medical, Non-Medical & Para-Medical Staff

1. Induction & Training on Customer Service for Patients & Patient Party

2. Front Desk & Floor Management Skills Training

3. Excellence in Patient Handling for Para-Medical Staffs & Non-Medical Staff

4. Nosocomial Infection Prevention & Hygiene Training
​  for All Staff

5. Communication Skills for All Staff

6. Vendor Management Skills

7. Training in Marketing Skills to get MORE PATIENTS
(Both Individual, International & Corporate)

Training for Health Insurance Industry











Health Insurance is the easiest way to protect your prime Asset. Your Health
Normally it takes care of Pre, during & Post Hospitalization expenses and that too in a Cashless mode.

In India, the concept of Health Insurance is there for over 50 years - but the market still is not covered to the extent needed.

The reason being the agents selling the Heath Insurance Products are not exposed to the healthcare market & its current scientific progression and the fitment of their Health Insurance Products with the treatment procedure.

There is a substantial lag between the understanding of this Healthcare market, a systematic approach & TPAs Role to bring the experience & flavour of this business to its customers.

We recommend the Following Programs to bridge the gap:

1. Understanding the Basic Healthcare industry & its Medical Terminologies & Treatment
  ​ Procedures

2. Personal Selling Skills for selling Heath Insurance

3. Defined Sales Process to manage daily Business Out-put

4. Training for TPAs - Role & Customers Expectation

5. Operation Fishbone diagram for Salespeople - for growing Customer 

Training for the Pharma Industry













The pharmaceutical industry has some perennial problems making the whole team of Medical representatives work in tandem with the Business Objectives. Sales Management is all about Call Management. The other problem is Reporting on Time.

We recommend:

1. Training in Consultative Personal Selling skills

2. Training on the Importance of Daily Calls and the importance of Reporting

3. Training in Territory Management & Market segmentation Strategies

4. Leadership & Team Management Training for Area Managers & Regional     

5. Training in Daily Activity Management for Medical Representatives

Training on Dental & Medical Devices & Consumables













Dental Industry is a standalone industry within the healthcare domain. It has many departments starting from Endodontic to Prosthodontic to Orthodontic to Pedodontics and each of them requires separate Equipment & Devices & Consumables to complete their treatment.

The dental sales representative needs to know more in-depth about Dental departments, their individual functions 7 their treatment procedures to recommend their range of products to the Dental community.

They need to understand how to do Project Selling to club all the offerings

Training on Dental & Medical Consumables

We recommend:

1. Training in the Basics of the Dental Industry & its devices

2. Training in Basic consumables required in Dental Industry

3. Training on Basic Dental Terminologies and Products required for Treatment

4. Training on Project & Personal selling skills to sell devices to a Dental Clinic / Institute

5. Training on Classic Deal Closing Skills

Training on Medical Devices


















The Medical Device Industry is growing rapidly with the advent of new technologies. Every department is now flooded with the best of the best innovative technology products.

We recommend for the Sales Team of Medical Device Manufacturing Companies the following programs:

1. Training on Project identification to installation management skill program

2. Training on Tender Handling in Govt. the sector

3. Training in Marketing skills & strategies to promote products

4. Training on Superior Deal Closing Skills

5. Training on Institutional Selling Skills (Both Private & Govt. Projects)

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