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Faculty Development

Transferring WISDOM to STUDENTS

The Future of any Country is in the hands of the FACULTY - who nurture the Students - to build their Business Accumen , Understanding of Economic, Technology, Psychology to adapt in the Society, Law & Policy making, making them great SMEs in their respective Domain from - Literature to Science & Technology to the Global Business World


ATHENA - Faculty Development Program

Our Professional Training Content contains
1. Basics of Pedagogy & Andragogy & On-going Research Worldwide

2. Global Best Practice Methodologies to allow Transfer of Learning

3. Major Skills for a Faculty to Inspire & Motivate the participants to become Self Directed Learner

4. All about Instructional System Design – to TRANSFER LEARNING, RETAIN LEARNING & RE-CALL LEARNING when needed in REAL LIFE Situation

5. Classroom Facilitation Skills - 9 Steps to take a Session & create a Learning Environment

6. How to set Learning Objectives as a measurable GUARANTEED outcome

7. Evaluation & Assessment build in a Learning session - to groom up RESULT ORIENTED STUDENTS

8. Different Role of a Faculty in an Institute – to make students ULTRA PRODUCTIVE

9. Coaching Skills for Faculties - Video-based program – Fine-tuning Workplace Attitude

10. How to develop students for a quick placement from CAMPUS TO CORPORATE


Attend Our World Class WORKSHOP on Faculty Development Topics

for details of the Workshop - Call / WhatsApp

@ 98730-88988


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