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Business Consulting

(MSME) Micro / Small / Medium / Large Enterprise

If You are looking for a serious GROWTH in Your business then You need 4 Basic Parameters to ALIGN, to do BUSINESS today, in this VUCA World (V=Volatile, U=Uncertain, C=Complex, A=Ambiguous)

Welcome to the FITT Business Model


FITT stands for.


F = Funds.... Without FUNDS, you cannot buy TALENT, TECHNOLOGY & INFRASTRUCTURE

I  = Infrastructure...Both Digital & Physical Infrastructure

T = Technology (Tools).... Basic IT System You must adapt to MONITOR & CONTROL Business

T = Talent.......without COMPETENT Manpower You cannot scale-up Business

To start off any Business - You need FUNDS to invest in Your Business to build "Infrastructure" and invest in "TECHNOLOGY (Tools)" to control your business, but the greatest mistake we make is - we keep the "TALENT" budget the lowest.

Think for a moment: If you invested in Top-notch Technology, would you hand that over to a mediocre person to handle? Just an analogy: you bought a Ferrari car, just to reduce your driver's budget - will you hire some "cab driver" or a driver who has driven luxury pickup & drop cars for 5 Star hotels - Which one will you recruit to keep your Ferrari safe & secure.

Good Talent can handle Good Technology effectively and efficiently - because they are more "Competent" than a low-budget profile.


If by now you have hired a low-budget profile to run your business - you need to train them up on NEWER Skills - both TECHNICAL & Job BEHAVIOURAL Skills - to create a cutting edge to combat competition. Transfer the "Talent" into a "Professional" - A "PRO" - Let these "PRO" drive the FITT Business Model and see the CHANGE.



Let's redesign the FITT MODEL

Let's put TALENT First and then the rest of the FIT (Funds, Infrastructure & Technology)

So, it looks somewhat like this.



TFIT = "PRO-FIT" for Your Business

The mistake we make in Business - we invest in Infrastructure and Technology - then try to find "People" who can handle it.

We don't do the homework to find the BEST PEOPLE available ( a LIST of Competent Talents) for the said TASK and then invest in the other 2 areas. 

A TALENT is an INFINITE ASSET - the MORE You Train them the SHARPER they become.

Talents are Assets, Employees are Liabilities. For each Designation / Job Role, every Business makes the mistake of hiring people without judging their COMPETENCIES. Only Top Multinationals have a systematic ASSESSMENT Method for hiring the EXACT fit into the Organization.

Your very next question is "What if they LEAVE us"

The answer is: Your ENVIRONMENT and your POLICIES - Your CULTURE, Your VALUES attract them.

"How to DESIGN those ENVIRONMENT, POLICIES, CULTURE, VALUES, ENGAGEMENTS, ETHICS, CODE of CONDUCT, D & I (Diversity & Inclusion) - is Our Job to help You out to DEFINE & DESIGN Internal Business PROCESSES - which attracts TALENTS to stay back with You as well as attract CUSTOMERS to become LOYAL to You.

We Support You, with our RICH GLOBAL Experience & Management Advice - to Balance ALL the Factors to achieve a better ROI.

​Small / Medium Enterprises do not have the Funds to hire World-Class HR Professionals to create the Best Management Practices to hire Talent, Develop and train the Talent, and Deploy the Best Management Tools to MONITOR the Performance of the Talent to deliver Business Results.

We stand by Your side to strengthen Your Business with the

  • Best Management CONCEPTS

  • BEST Management Tools

  • Building TALENT CAPABILTIES to use those Management Tools


  • Manpower Decision making to identify KEY PLAYERS

  • DESIGNING SPECIFIC STRATEGIES for Each Group of Talents according to the 9 Box concept

One Single Wrong hiring will DRAIN OUT Your Hard Earn MONEY / PROFIT






T=Technology....the Business might have bought some Finance software like Tally, some HRMS Software for Attendance & Payroll Management, some stand-alone CRM for Sales, some ERP Package for production, and some DMS for Dealer Management...But the Owner / CEO do not have a COMPLETE DASHBOARD where ALL DATA are INTEGRATED - where HE/SHE can see 

  • How many people JOINED today (On-boarding)

  • How many people RESIGNED today

  • How many people COMPLETED Technical / Management & Soft skill training

  • What is the PERFORMANCE Level of Each person from L1 to L5 Level

  • How the IT System has CAPTURED the Real-Time Business Results

  • ​How the Organization CULTURE Audit Report looks like

  • PRODUCTION Report Status

  • Warehouse Report Status

  • DAMAGE & RISK Report Status

  • LOGISTICS Report Status



  • PAYMENT AGEING Report Status

  • RETURN to SALES Status

  • How the NPS Card and its SCORE look like and How to ANALYSE them


  • FINANCIAL & MANAGEMENT Audit Report and its areas of NON-COMPLIANCE


The TALENTS can see their Real-Time PERFORMANCE on their individual DASHBOARD - we DESIGN the ENTIRE PARAMETERS

The VENDORS can see when they will get the NEXT ORDER + their PAYMENT STATUS

​Until and unless the Business Owner FOCUS on these areas - it is NOT POSSIBLE to SCALE-UP Business and generates SUSTAINABLE GROWTH

AugustConsulting - For Managing Business Sustainability

As the pandemic hits the Global Economy – the way in the future for Business is to FOCUS on TALENT DEVELOPMENT & NEW TECHNOLOGY Deployment 

Every Business today faces tremendous pressure from the CHANGES in the TEMPLES Model

T = Technology is Changing Rapidly with AI, Sensors, IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning
E = The Economy is Changing & Businesses feel pressure to adapt
M = Market Trends are Changing based on Consumers' Taste
P = Politics & Govt. Policies are Changing – difficult for Businesses to switch from one
       Paradigm to the other paradigm

L = Law is getting amended & new Laws are created, another pressure point for the
      Business House

E = Environment & Global warming issues are putting pressure on certain specific
       manufacturing industries

S = Overall Society is undergoing a Rapid Transformation

The Scope for Issue Based Business Consulting & Issue Based Talent Development is emerging as one of the Biggest Trend

The Non-Living side of the Business i.e., IT Systems, Automation, Infrastructure Capital requirement, and Raw Materials is one side of the Business Challenge & aligning Manpower Competencies to handle this Changing Business scenario is the other side of the Business Challenge

Business Consulting is Focused on the Living side of the Business i.e., the TALENT DEVELOPMENT area and the way forward to develop Global TALENT is the Online Platform.
The Nature of Online E-learning today comes with a variety of OPTIONS: Training can be delivered as SDL (Self Directed Learning) where the Candidate will only interact with the E-Learning Course or a Blended Learning Platform where both the Candidate & the Trainer will sit when the course is running in a batch, or one is to one.

Today's Business doesn't need Employees - They Only need TALENTS, High Potential & High Performing AUGUSTALENTS

We ONLY work with Companies who believe in







Our focus is to develop GOOD MANAGEMENT PRACTICES -












Introducing the OLYMPIC Business Model











Based on the Fundamentals of Economics - "Input - Process - Output" concept & the WILLINGNESS Factor of the Core Business Talents, the entire Business Model is based on QUALITATIVE INPUTS & QUANTITATIVE INPUTS rather than only focusing on the Output.

1. Visioning Exercise with Top Management Team to uncover the DIRECTION where to go forward

2. Defining the MISSION Exercise- Why we do What we do

3. Core Values finding exercise - how do we behave with Our Team & Our Customers - Creating the Company CULTURE

4. Business Ethics - what are the guiding force which governs our operation

5. Code of Conduct - how we conduct with a set of rules outlining the norms, rules and responsibilities or proper practices of an individual party or an organization.

Once the above exercise is complete - then design the IBP: Internal Business Process

The Internal Business Process is then aligned with the Vision, Values & audited and feedback is given to Top Management based on the GAPS identified among People's Performance to Execute the Process.

​Additionally, ISO Certification helps to streamline & strengthen the Process further based on the New Guideline of 2015 Standards.

The Concept of the OLYMPIC Business Model is Re-designing & Re-aligning the Business Model based on NEGATIVE FEEDBACK (NPS: NET PROMOTER SCORECARD) - to Create a POSITIVE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.



























People Science & ​Talent Management Processes in Business include:

1. Create a COMPETENCY FRAMEWORK with BEHAVIOURAL INDICATORS. Most Companies have a Job Description which is a series of TASKS to be performed by whoever occupies the Chair or the Post or Position & Competency Framework is the Ability, Willingness, Skillsets and Expertise of the Candidate to Perform those TASKS

2. Train HIRING Managers on - COMPETENCY BASED INTERVIEWING Skills - to Select the Right Talent

3. Implement BALANCE SCORE CARD - to define and describe the KRAs & KPIs with a timeline on the PROCESS that the Talent needs to follow & be compliant with Audit to PERFORM ALL TASKS

4. Monitor PERFORMANCE & observe deviation from the PROCESS

5. Run Assessment Center: various combinations of stages to identify COMPETENCY Gaps


7. Apply the International 9 Box tool for Succession Planning: HIGH PERFORMER & HIGH POTENTIAL TALENTS

It's only meant for the BOLD & COURAGEOUS Top Management Team - it's Not for Fainthearted People. 






Implementation of MSC of Balance Score Card with GAMIFICATION


Once the overall Business Process is set - then the Next Step is to set the Performance Parameters based on 3 Lead Indicators, Customer requirements, Internal Business Process Mastery, Learning & Development of Talents and one Lag indicator the Financials 

This Tool is designed for Each Individual to Map their Performance daily and keep them tight and aligned & glued to their own respective processes in detail based on their Daily Activities.

Everyone is then Rated by their Reporting Managers daily for the adherence & completion of each TASKs or Work in Progress (WIP)

The Reporting Manager gives scoring points to each different Task & can run a Score Board.

At the end of every week, every month, every Quarter & Every Year Each Talents PERFORMANCE Score can be shown on the number of overall points collected to declare them as a Low Performer, Moderate Performer or High Performer

We sit with Each Individual to set their BALANCE SCORE CARD & then we AUDIT it at various INTERVALS

















Train The Talent - Assessment Center & Development Center

Based on the 9 Box Concept of Talent Management Process - tracking High Potential & High Performing Talents - We run a proper Assessment Center to find Functional / Technical Skill GAPS, Behavioral & Soft Skill GAPS, Managerial: Supervisory Skill GAPS, COACHING Skill GAPS & Leadership Competency GAPS.

Based on the above report - we Create CUSTOMISED DEVELOPMENT CONTENT - for (SDL) Self Directed Learning as well as Group Learning in Classroom or ZOOM or on E-Learning platforms,

Every Learning session is designed to keep Kirkpatrick's 4 Stages of Learning with INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN at heart

In each Learning intervention, the participants accumulate points based on their Learning Agility.

So, when you get a Final Score from the Balance Score Card on X - the axis and a Learning Agility Score on Y - the axis - you can assess the Talents and can decide the Future Course of ACTION.

Either you can PUSH them for RE - SKILLING or allow them 6 months window to enhance Performance or Change their Behaviors

For more details Call or WhatsApp +91-98730-88988

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We Focus on 4 Dimensions for Organisation Development

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