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Grooming & Interview Skills for Students

This Program is aimed at Grooming the Students to face the interview to move from CAMPUS 2 CORPORATE

GROOM-U - Grooming & Interview facing skills to move from CAMPUS 2 CORPORATE

It seems like the GROOM-U program offers comprehensive guidance for transitioning from a campus environment to the corporate world. Here's a detailed breakdown of what the program covers:

  1. Campus Interview Preparation: Strategies and tips for preparing effectively for campus recruitment processes.

  2. Professional CV Preparation: Guidance on creating a strong and professional resume highlighting key skills, achievements, and experiences - calibrated by A.I. to make the CV - Applicant Tracking System (ATS) proof.

  3. Cover Letter Importance: Understanding the significance of a well-crafted cover letter to accompany the resume.

  4. Professional Attire: Insights into dressing professionally for interviews and corporate settings.

  5. Interview Preparation: Techniques for providing professional and impactful answers during interviews.

  6. Professional Etiquette: Understanding and adopting expected professional conduct in a corporate environment.

  7. Corporate Alignment: Guidance on aligning personal goals and expectations with corporate standards and requirements.

  8. Behavioral-Based Interviews: Preparing for interviews that focus on behavioral questions, scenario-based queries, and situational responses.

This holistic approach covers not only the technical aspects of job application but also soft skills and behavioral attributes essential for success in corporate interviews and environments.


  • Orientation to Employability Skills

    • •Business house Concept

    • •Employer’s EXPECTATIONS

    • •Employee’s Current TRAIT set assessment

    • •Various Assessment TESTS – MBTI, DISC, OCEAN, 16PF, FIRO-B etc.

    • •DATE Analysis

  • Decode Your Potential !

    • •Competency Framework

    • •Technical, Behavioral, Supervisory, Managerial, Coaching , Mentoring & Leadership Competencies

    • •4 – 6 Behaviors Associated with Each Competency

    • •SWOT Analysis – Strengthen Your STRENGHT & weaken your weakness

    • •SUBJECTS & SKILL Sets that attract You – Childhood till date Analysis

    • •Discovering PASSION

    • •Found & Focus on NICHE

  • Maximize your Talent

    • •Strategy to build the NICHE as a Career

    • •Suitable Roles available

    • •Identify Industries

    • •Match – Subjects: Skill sets: Role: Industry

    • •How to find – what kind of Skill sets are required

    • •Invest to build the capabilities

    • •Test Your Potential

  • Understand Corporate system and improve effectiveness

    • •How Corporates work compared to small business

    • •What are their differentiators

    • •FITT Model of Corporates

    • •Talent Development as an investment

    • •Process & process automation

    • •Performance Measurement

    • •Management Tools to identify POTENTIAL TALENTS

    • •How to align Yourself in the above scenario

  • Corporate Etiquette

    • •Punctuality & TIME Management

    • •Grooming sense

    • •Dressing Up

    • •Addressing Colleagues

    • •Core Values & YOUR Behavior

    • •YOUR Code of Conduct

    • •Business Ethics Guidelines & YOUR Associated Behaviors

    • •Behaviors in Business Meetings

  • How to work in a team and achieve team goal

    • •What is TEAM

    • •Department TEAM vs Project TEAM – Differences

    • •Organizational GOAL vs Departmental GOAL vs Project GOAL

    • •TEAM members' Responsibilities

    • •Transactional Analysis – How to improve Adult Quotient

    • •Assertive Skills Analysis

  • How to Become Solution Oriented

    • •Understanding Complex Business Process

    • •Problem Statement exploration

    • • Problem-solving process & and tools

    • •DATA driven DECISION Making to provide SOLUTION

    • •Pilot Project & SOLUTION Validation

  • Basic Grooming

    • •Basic Hygiene

    • •Dress up

    • •Dress Color

    • •Color Combination

    • •Gentleman's Grooming – Do’s & Don'ts

    • •Ladies Grooming – Do’s & Don’ts

  • English Basic

    • •Business Culture & Language

    • •Modern Business English Vocabulary

    • •Proper sentence

    • •Impressive Words

  • Communication Skills

    • •Communication Model

    • •Importance of Feedback

    • •Communication Barriers

    • •Listening Skills

  • Digital Literacy & IT skills 

    • •Digital Literacy

    • •IT Skills – Word, Excel, PowerPoint

    • •E-mail writing etiquette

    • •Google search & indexing

    • •Chat GPT exploration

    • •Basic Presentation skills using PowerPoint

  • Resume writing

    • •How to read Job Description

    • •How to fit & list Your Competencies before writing a RESUME

    • •Resume DESIGN Templet

    • •Resume Formats

    • •Resume Highlights

    • •Resume infographics

    • •Physical Presentation of Resume

  • Interview skills

    • •Traditional Interview vs Competency Based Interview ( CBI )

    • •Traditional Questions & their proper Answers

    • •CBI Questions & proper BEHAVIORS

    • •General Assessment Tests

    • •Behaviors before interview

    • •Interview Dress up

    • •Opening Statement & Etiquette

    • •MOCK Interview to FACE an actual situation

Rs 12,500/- Per Student

(Less than the Price of Your Cell Phone to Get A Job)

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Whatsapp or Call: 98730-88988

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