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The GROW-UP coaching program seems to target individuals facing mid-career crises by helping them navigate challenges in the VUCA world. Here's how it aims to assist:

  1. Identifying Career Stagnation Causes: Understanding why careers stagnate despite significant experience or experiencing job layoffs.

  2. Navigating Career Transitions: Assisting individuals in comprehending reasons behind lack of progression even with job changes.

  3. Steering Career Trajectory: Providing guidance on overcoming barriers and steering careers toward a new trajectory aligned with the VUCA world.

  4. Competency Enhancement: Helping individuals understand the competencies required for the next career level and behaviors and tactics associated with those competencies.

  5. Higher Order Thinking: Encouraging individuals to develop higher-order thinking necessary for specific functions or roles in the evolving professional landscape.

By offering guidance, insights, and strategies tailored to address mid-career challenges and align with the VUCA environment, the GROW-UP coaching program intends to empower individuals to forge a more fulfilling and progressive career path.

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The program detailed here seems comprehensive, aiming to guide individuals through various aspects of professional development and career progression. Here's a breakdown of its core components:

  1. Understanding Self and Career Aspects:

    • Analyzing personal desires versus actual career paths.

    • Evaluating technical abilities and industry progression alignment.

    • Assessing exposure against shifting industry cultures.

  2. Effective Team Performance Management:

    • Hiring strategies and competency-based interview techniques.

    • Designing diverse and inclusive teams.

    • Optimizing team performance for timely and consistent results.

    • Retention techniques for retaining top talent.

  3. Science Behind Delivering Results:

    • Managing input effectively.

    • Compliance with regulations, ISO certification, and ethical boundaries.

    • Mastering process notes, compliance, and efficiency through design thinking.

  4. Preparation for Audits:

    • Understanding ISO guidelines and internal audit processes.

    • Developing competencies for handling compliance.

  5. Personal and Business Behavior Mastery:

    • Distinguishing between personal and professional behavior.

    • Mastering job behavior frameworks, surveys, and feedback analysis.

  6. Adaptation to New Skills:

    • Embracing new-age skills, including digital literacy and management tools.

  7. Behavioral Sequences in Change:

    • Understanding and adapting to changes in the VUCA world.

    • Recognizing gaps and seizing opportunities through behavioral shifts.

  8. Shift and Analysis for New Opportunities:

    • Navigating career shifts by acquiring new skills and behaviors.

    • Anticipating and preparing for future shifts in the professional landscape.

  9. Self-Exploration and Reinvention:

    • Encouraging self-discovery and embracing change to transform into a "new you."

The program seems holistic, covering various aspects of professional growth, from self-assessment to skill development and adapting to changing business landscapes. It aims to equip individuals with the tools and insights necessary for successful career transitions and ongoing personal development in the dynamic professional world.

Step-Up: Career Diversion

Details of Program :

  • Exploring SELF - The PAC Factors

    • Your DESIRE List vs WANT List​

    • Technical Abilities with outstanding skills

    • Your TEMPERAMENT Factor vs Your Career

    • Your EXPERIENCE to date vs Industry Progression

    • Your EXPOSURE till date vs CULTURE SHIFT

  • Professional way of handling TEAM Performance

    • The MISTAKES in hiring a TEAM Member​

    • CBI - Competency-Based Interviewing Techniques

    • TEAM DESIGN Concept and D&I

    • Project-based TEAM formation

    • Charging and gearing up TEAM PERFORMANCE

    • Bringing BEST out of EVERYONE to deliver RESULTS ON-TIME, EVERYTIME

    • RETENTION Technique to keep the BEST Player in the TEAM

  • The science behind delivering RESULTS - any department any industry

    • The SCIENCE behind delivering RESULTS ​

    • Input Management and its Importance (The MISTAKE starts HERE)

    • Governing Rules of Internal Business Process

    • Regulatory Norms from Govt. Regulatory Bodies

    • ISO Process Certification and Adherence

    • Business Ethics boundaries

    • Code of Conduct and Behaviors according to CORE VALUES (Any ONE of these You VIOLATE - You put Your Career at RISK)

  • Process Mastery Technique with compliance

    • Mastery of PSQ-TRC-SCV (Most People Fail at this juncture)​

    • Understanding and developing PROCESS NOTES (Most Companies don't have)

    • COMPLIANCE Guideline

    • Process Alignment according to COMPLIANCE

    • TECHNOLOGY in Process Improvement


  • Preparation for ISO or internal AUDIT

    • ISO Guidelines and NC Report​

    • Internal Audit Guidelines


  • Personal Behavior vs Business Behavior Mastery (This one kills your career)

    • Difference between Personal Behavior and Job / Business Behavior​

    • Job Behavior Framework and Mastery

    • Personal Job Behavior Survey

    • Job Behavior Feedback Analysis

    • Identify IMPROVEMENT AREAS and develop them

  • Adaptation to New Skills

    • New Age Skills in the VUCA World​

    • DIGITAL Literacy - from A.I. ML to Iot to Spatial Computing to 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing to Homomorphic Encryption

    • If TECHNOLOGY Attracts - do DIGITAL Courses

    • New Age Management Tools to CONTROL Performance and MONITOR & MEASURE Business RESULTS

  • CHANGE Behavior Sequence

    • Understanding CHANGE at TEMPLES Model​

    • DIGITAL CHANGE, PHYSICAL CHANGE & SOCIETAL CHANGE vs Your Present Business Skill sets


    • CHANGE BEHAVIOR CURVE Sequence & where to ADAPT quickly

  • Shift and Analysis of TEMPLES Factor - New Opportunities, New Career

    • Shift to New Skills sets​

    • Shift to New Behaviors

    • Anticipate CHANGE in ADVANCE

    • Prepare for the NEXT Shift

    • Find a NEW YOU!

Explore through this Program a "NEW YOU!"

Rs 55,000/- Per Person

(Less than the Price of Your Car & Cell Phone - to CHANGE Your Life Forever)

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Whatsapp or Call: 98730-88988

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